The Real Source of Light

 Emma could not believe what she saw in front of her. The monotonous morning of the ordinary teenage girl became a nightmare when she walked out of her home, thinking about the full day ahead of her.

 To her shock, the house was surrounded by an endless dark land. All alone, she tried to figure out what was going on. It seemed to be a place of all her fears: it was inky, foggy, and the sinister silence made her hear the throbbing of her heartbeat in her ears.
As she was staring at the environment, her rational mind made her think that it was all an illusion, so she closed her eyes and said: "when I’ll open my eyes again, it will all disappear and I will come back to my normal life". But this didn’t happen. As soon as she opened her eyes, she noticed a gleaming gateway in the dark. "Maybe if I get through it, I will escape", she said to herself. That option didn’t work either, so the terror started to fill her brain. She thought she had died, and this strange place is her hell.

 A little beam of light came out from the gateway when, for some reason, the image of her little sister appeared clearly in her mind. The sound of the little girl’s laugh was eventually heard. After that, the beam of light grew, until Emma couldn’t see anything but light. When all the light had vanished, Emma was surprised to see her little sister right in front of her eyes. All was well.

Raluca Calin