Lost Souls in the Wind

 Emma could not believe what she saw in front of her. The locked door was tampered with; someone had broken into her parent’s holiday house. She felt as if she was not alone. She felt that someone was breathing calmly and strangely in the back of her neck. Her heartbeat spiked violently; she turned gently, without sudden moves. Her lungs were empty from all the carbon dioxide that she had gathered in that short time. The light in the hallway was weak, and the floor screamed beneath her gentle steps. The holiday house was located on the edge of the forest, in the middle of nowhere. Emma was still wondering what she was looking for in her parents holiday house. Something strange attracted her there without realizing it. Upstairs, the windows were suddenly opened and a strange wind flew through her house. The doors were opening and closing and the lights kept turning on and back off. The family painting kept for generations had been broken. Below it was written in blood a threat ‘’You will regret’’.

 Emma’s heart was beating faster and faster while her knees seemed to melt like wax and panic had embraced her. She started to run, but she slipped and struck the corner of the desk. Emma’s look began to blur and the hot blood flowed through her head. She felt how her being separated from her body, her chest was a huge void and what was happening to her was like a dream. Her eyes have been closed forever.

Alexandra Lehaci