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Meet my team - The Magnificent Seven

Looking at the shiny colorful pages of a magazine, one would be tempted to say, ‘Wow, how nice, it must be so easy to do, you just put together some articles, copy-paste some pictures and you’re done, you have your magazine.’ However, few realize the amount of hard work involved, the hours spent in front of the computer reading articles, trying to make sense of what the authors are writing, choosing the best ones for the magazine, proofreading them and then … here comes the even harder work, designing the magazine in a professional way, because, of course, everybody wants it to be the best, otherwise, what’s the point? So here are The Magnificent Seven, as I secretly call them, the members of my team, who crossed over boundaries, missed nights of sleep, spent exhausting hours to get the best version of Crossing Borders. To them, it’s all or nothing, just the way it is for their English teacher, myself.

Let me first and foremost introduce you the very heart and soul of our team, Darius Botusanu, our chief editor, proofreader, designer and one of the most ambitious and dedicated students I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. For months in a row he has been managing the email account of our magazine, reading articles, correcting errors, talking to their authors, giving suggestions for improvement and even explaining to students how to write an appealing article. And, all of that, besides the huge amount of effort he put in preparing for the English Olympiad, where he won second place on county level. Oh, and I almost forgot, he’s been awarded a FLEX scholarship, so next year he’ll be studying in the USA. Pretty amazing, right?

Our second chief editor is Oana Macsim, a motivated young girl who never tires when it comes to achieving her goals. She loves English, she is a talented drawer, reads about all kinds of things: how choosing the right tea can change your mood, precious stones and their healing powers, etc. Computers are, however, her greatest passion so this magazine turned out to be a great learning experience for her, which she will greatly benefit from in her future career as an IT specialist.

Now let me tell you a few things about Paul Bujor, our site administrator and the one in charge with the design team, which includes him, Oana Macsim, and two newer members, Costin Rosca and Bianca Forascu. I hadn’t known Paul before we started working on the second issue of our magazine, so he was a very pleasant surprise. Funny, calm, well-prepared and patient with us all, he took his time explaining the program to his team, working side by side with them, and even ‘sacrificing’ some of his other classes to help us finish the work on time.

As I mentioned above, Costin Rosca was one of the two newest additions to the team. Smart, polite, Costin is a person of many talents. He is good at English, comes from a Social Studies class, is computer-savvy, and on top of that, he intends to become a psychologist, which I’m sure he will excel at, as he does in everything he endeavors. Working side by side with Costin is Bianca Forascu, a student of multiple skills and interests. She loves computers, skiing, is a member of our local theater group ‘Birlic’ who won several awards for their outstanding performances on stage, and hopes to become a renowned doctor one day.

Last but certainly not least, allow me to introduce our marketing directors – Maria Calugarita and Iasmina Ursan – the blond and the brunette, the sun and the moon in our team. I guess what singles them out is their permanent smile, their drive to multi-task - they write articles, help with ideas for design, and ultimately spread the word around school and town about our wonderful magazine, looking for sponsors to get it printed so that a large number of students and not only can enjoy their hard work.

This is our editorial board. All 10th grade students, all extremely focused and driven, ambitious to the point where they would spare no effort and spend sleepless nights doing and redoing everything over and over again, under the pressure of time, to get the best quality possible for just the pride of having achieved their goal. It looks like some of my ideas rubbed on them too, as I keep saying, ‘If you can’t do something great, do something small, but in a great way.’ And they most certainly did, which is why I am extremely proud of being their teacher and coordinator, and each and every day I feel inspired by their strong will and dedication.

You, my students, are the best. Hats down to you!

Magazine coordinator,
Alina Mihaela Ciubotaru

Editorial board:

Darius Botușanu
Oana Macsim
Paul Bujor
Design Director
Site Administrator
Costin Roșca
Design Director
Bianca Forăscu
Iasmina Ursan
Marketing Director
Maria Călugărița
Marketing Director